5 Keys for Achieving a Successful Partnership with Your Staffing & Talent Firm

Working with staffing and talent firms gives you a host of advantages and flexibility in the hiring process. From cutting costs to finding experts in your niche, a staffing agency can make a difference in your company’s success and growth. Not to mention your business can save more time and increase productivity by eliminating weeks of interviews and acquiring additional help (temporary or permanent) to assist with your existing staff’s workload.

For all of these reasons, it’s important to establish a successful partnership with the right company to maximize your opportunities and minimize risk. In this article, we’ll share 5 key tips to help you achieve a successful partnership with your staffing and talent firm.


1. Have a Thorough Understanding of Your Staffing Plan (or Create One)

Before choosing the right company for you, you should have a good understanding of your staffing plan and goals to communicate with the chosen firm. Open communication is an important part of a business relationship, so the better you understand your goals, the better you can assess whether the company in question can meet those expectations.

We recommend discussing some of these key features with your staffing firm:

  1. Goals -What is your endgame? Present what your desired outcome is along with an outline that aligns with your endgame. This way the firm can confidently assist you in achieving your goals.
  2. Company Culture -In order for a staffing firm to connect you with the best prospects, they will need to understand your workplace values, attitudes, practices, and more. The more you share, the more successful the firm will be in supplying the right staff.
  3. Expertise -While it might seem obvious, it is essential to note the importance of communicating exactly what you require so you can retain top talent.


2. Choose a Company That Suits You

Choosing the right company could be considered a “no-brainer,” but it’s crucial to the success of your partnership. For obvious reasons, if the agency isn’t the right fit, it can be more challenging to meet your expectations. The point of seeking out a staffing agency is to obtain top-notch talent in your industry, so it is vital that you also find a company known for following good business practices with a reputation for providing nothing but the best.

Some important components to consider:

  • Compatibility
  • Reliability
  • Credibility and track record
  • Verified credentials

You’ll also want to make sure all of your bases are covered when it comes to liability by ensuring you are working with a firm that carries the appropriate insurance policies, like workers’ comp and general liability. Don’t settle for just any firm –find the one that allows you to focus your attention on growth and profits while they handle your hiring needs.


3. Be Open and Honest About Your Staffing Needs

Another important key to a successful partnership is to be open and honest about your staffing needs right off the bat. Take as much time as you need to communicate clearly so your staffing firm has all the necessary information to properly assist you.

The goal of a staffing agency is to provide you with employees that best fit your business, but they won’t be able to if you’re not straightforward. Explain what you’re looking for in an employee including how many individuals you are seeking, skills, pay rate, timeline, personality, and any other important details you can think of.


4. Be Aware of Your Relationship and Responsibilities

Being aware of your relationship and responsibilities –especially in legal aspects –is incredibly important to the success of your partnership with your staffing and talent firm. The more you understand about the partnership you’re getting into, the less risk involved. Your legal responsibility is different than the typical contract between employee-employer hiring. Discussing the differences allows you to enter into a successful partnership with a complete understanding of what that entails.

There are employee safety/health requirements, legal rights, and obligations aligned with both parties when dealing with co-employment, and your success will be impacted by your ability to navigate these issues.


5. Keep in Good Standing

It isn’t an easy process to find the right staffing agency out of the many options available to your business. So, when you find a company worth working with, keeping your relationship in good standing is also important. A long-term successful partnership ensures that the staffing agency meets your evolving needs, and you are provided with the custom and qualified talent you need.

Some advantages of a long-term partnership over short-term include:

  • The company has a firm understanding of your wants, needs, and expectations.
  • Reliability and trust are built over time with you directly, as opposed to relying on outside reviews and sources.
  • You’ll spend less time covering the basics and more time on important matters that need your undivided attention.


How a Staffing Agency Can Meet Your Needs

A staffing agency is a perfect place to try new hires and find the right employee for your business. It can be great for business fluctuations and eliminating the challenge of meeting high-volume workloads that are only temporary. Dover Staffing allows your business to focus on its growth and success instead of the headaches of hiring and maintaining staffing requirements. Contact us to learn more about how Dover Staffing can help your company meet its staffing needs.

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