About Dover

The Dover Brands…

The Dover brands represent a commitment to improving a person’s quality of life through human capital management and workforce development.

The human capital management approach to human resources appreciates the economic value of talent and views investment in its ACQUISITION, MANAGEMENT, and OPTIMIZATION as critical to the health of all businesses and the overall economy.

The Workforce Development…

The workforce development model takes a holistic approach to training and otherwise preparing workers to meet the demands of their employers.

It seeks to pool resources from the public, private, and non-profit sectors to mitigate barriers to employment such as a disability or lack of training, experience, transportation, and childcare.

Dover addresses the needs of the employer by addressing the needs of the employee.

The Dover Philosophy…

The Dover philosophy takes a human-focused, global approach to problem solving. We create total business solutions that use technology and innovation to enhance the modern workplace.

Together, DoverSolutions, DoverStaffing, and the Dover Training Institute are able to address workforce development challenges on multiple levels.

The Dover Brands Story

DoverStaffing, was founded in 1996 by Sanquinetta Dover, President.

Meet the Founder

Get to know the person behind the brand.