6 Reasons the Best Staffing Companies Provide In-House Training Capabilities

When sourcing training, companies generally have three options: e-Learning, public scheduled courses, and in-house training. The latter has gained a lot of momentum in recent years as organizations turn to internal training methods to enhance their employees’ skills.

At the same time, this benefit can be supercharged when it is available from a leading staffing and talent partner. Here are some of the benefits of working with a staffing firm that maintains its own in-house training department or division, and why companies who partner with hybrid staffing-training firms are better positioned for success.


Reason #1: Serving customers more effectively

Well-trained employees will have the skills they need to serve your clients better. In addition, these skills are developed through both candidate selection and employee training. Wouldn’t it be amazing if your talent was both screened for key skills and trained to maximize the effectiveness of those skills? A staffing firm with in-house training can provide this double-benefit to your organization.

Because the training is close to your operations and optimized for your talent selection process, you won’t have to struggle to teach your new employees basic skills since your staffing partner’s training division is always on hand to spot those needs and supply the necessary instruction. As a result, new employees become more useful and valuable more quickly (and in some cases, they arrive with far stronger skills to boot).

Staffing firms with in-house training divisions also help both new and existing employees keep abreast of the workplace’s current health and safety skills. According to OSHA requirements, the responsibility for health and safety training lies in employers’ and organizations’ hands. Since in many cases personnel come through and are partially managed by your staffing partner, knowing that your staffing partner can also train in these areas can significantly boost your peace-of-mind.


Reason #2: Less expenditure on traveling

A staffing partner who offers in-house training to your organization reduces the cost of traveling considerably because your employees don’t have to leave the workplace to learn and, in fact, they can even learn prior to starting with you if they participate in a pre-employment training program designed specifically around your requirements. The rising cost of fuel only adds to the expense of traveling for training. And if your employees use company vehicles to commute to the training center, costs could mount still higher when you account for fuel, parking, tolls, and maintenance.


Reason #3: Customize training to your company

A staffing partner who offers in-house training is also more efficient when it comes to the actual instruction. This is because the courses are tailored to meet the specific needs of your company. Real-life examples involving your firm’s situation come in handy for helping employees grasp the content more easily, and the staffing company’s leaders are already fully conversant with your talent requirements since they’re searching every day for new individuals who meet those qualifications.

Public scheduled courses and traditional outsourced training may not be as effective because they use generic examples to drive the point home. They don’t have the advantage of being more specific because they serve trainees from many different organizations, or even if they include just your team, they rely on a generic curriculum and instructors who have no direct experience with your company. A staffing and talent partner, on the other hand, is ideally positioned to provide the best fit.


Reason #4: More focused training

Running a tailored training program for a single trainee cohort or group of new hires allows for focus on the specific skills and subjects relevant to your firm. Since the staffing partner is building your talent profile in partnership with you, they can not only deliver ideal training suited to your requirements –they are also perfectly prepared to actually recommend, create and configure that training so you don’t have to.


Reason #5: Promotes team building

Staffing partners offering their own in-house training also provide a good opportunity for team building activities built around your business. This is because the training brings together employees from different departments and levels for training. They can then interact, get to know each other better, share ideas, and learn how to collaborate better with each other.

The training also creates a friendly atmosphere necessary for team building. In this environment, employees may also get the opportunity to understand each other’s roles in the organization and boost staff morale. A friendly working environment sets the stage for better productivity.


Reason #6: More convenient while also being more flexible

Companies who work with a hybrid staffing/training partner benefit from all of the convenience of precise, in-house training without the demands, costs and challenges of building an in-house training infrastructure. In addition, it’s often best in business to let the subject-matter experts drive new initiatives in each area of the enterprise. With that in mind, who better to build and manage your training operation than the people who you already trust to find and grow your future talent? Your staffing partner is a human capital expert –this is their subject-matter expertise. Take advantage of that and you gain a true win-win.


Why partnering with a staffing company that offers its own in-house training operation puts you ahead

Building a talent pipeline that can continue to grow and scale with your business requires many essential components. These include a powerful human capital strategy, highly effective talent searching and acquisition, and integrated and ongoing training and development. By partnering with a staffing firm that can offer two or even three of these components in one organization, you gain the expertise of the human capital experts, plus the firsthand experience and knowledge of the team that is already finding your future workforce. And that’s a true win-win!

If you need more information or help concerning building the right staffing and training program for your enterprise, contact us today.

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