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Achieving workplace diversity requires long-term commitment, an alignment of company values, and an investment in the right partners. The Ticket to Work program is led by the Social Security Administration (SSA), but it’s through the help of industry leaders like DoverStaffing that the principles are being instilled in today’s workforce.

What is the Ticket to Work Program?

The Ticket to Work program launched in 2002 and has since seen more than 1.5 million participants. However, while the SSA administers the program, they rely on partners such as DoverStaffing to offer the associated training, counseling, referrals, and supporting services.

The two types of providers that partner with the SSA for the Ticket to Work program include employment networks and vocational rehabilitation agencies. DoverStaffing falls into the employment category, helping the SSA to achieve the program’s goals of:

  • Helping people with disabilities return to the workforce.
  • Supporting financial independence amongst individuals.
  • Providing ongoing training to prepare participants for their desired roles. 
  • Offering career advice, workplace support, and job placements to participants. 

Who Should Join The Ticket to Work Program? 

Participation in the Ticket to Work program is not required just because an individual has a disability and is seeking employment. Rather, the Ticket to Work program is a free and voluntary opportunity for people with disabilities who wish to position themselves for a fulfilling career. 

The SSA has minimal eligibility requirements for the Ticket to Work program. To participate, an individual must be: 

  • Between the ages of 18 and 64.
  • Receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

Many individuals who participate in the Ticket to Work program can even keep receiving their healthcare and disability benefits as they complete training and work on transitioning into a new position. 

The Benefits of The Ticket to Work Program

Designing an inclusive workplace means leveraging the unique skills of every individual, which is why the Ticket to Work program is so valuable. “Unlocking fulfilling work opportunities for people with disabilities is one of the greatest commitments of DoverStaffing and the employers we partner with,” says Sanquinetta Dover, the founder of Dover Solutions.

One of the primary benefits of the Ticket to Work program offered by DoverStaffing is that our services extend beyond the training program. With our other verticals, such as DoverStaffing, we’re able to train people with disabilities and help them network with potential employers, find job placements, and ultimately achieve the perfect workplace match.

Likewise, through DoverStaffing, we work with companies seeking to fill positions. We can look at our Ticket to Work participants and other trainees to discover the best-matched talent for a given role. Simultaneously, we can support diversity and inclusion (D&I) goals while also giving employers exclusive access to talent that may not yet be searching for positions on their own. 

As a result, both participants and employers benefit significantly from the Ticket to Work program because it:

  • Helps people with disabilities find their talents and passions so they can leverage their skills and enter into a fulfilling career while giving them the chance to work towards financial independence.
  • Supports workplace D&I initiatives by allowing employers to tap into a network of qualified individuals yearning for a position at their company.
  • Improves placement success for both employee and employer through ongoing workplace support and training. This can reduce training costs and help employers build their teams for the long term. 

Participants can stay in the Ticket to Work program for up to seven years, and DoverStaffing is committed to long-term support for employees and employers alike. Together, we can help your company grow its team with great talent while we work to create a more inclusive and diverse workforce. 

Leading The Way with New D&I Initiatives 

Ultimately, the Ticket to Work program from DoverStaffing represents a win-win scenario for people with disabilities hoping to achieve greater independence and for the employers who are fortunate enough to realize their value in the workforce. The question is, whom do you partner with?

At DoverStaffing, we are committed to closing the skills gap in the workforce while helping to create a diverse talent pool by providing training and resources to passionate individuals regardless of physical/mental ability, race, age, or work history.

Likewise, we are enthusiastic about supporting employers working diligently to ensure that they have an inclusive workplace and build a culture around the diverse individuals who help them grow. With these verticals combined, we strive to be the best resource for trainees, employers, and the industry at large as our nation progresses on the path to inclusivity. 

Are you interested in learning more about the Ticket to Work program and the role of DoverStaffing in helping employers achieve their diversity and inclusion goals? Reach out to our team today

Join us, June 17, 2021, at 12:00 pm EST, for a comprehensive discussion exploring the true priorities, opportunities, and challenges that diversity creates for the workplace. We will be discussing:

  • Creating a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Understanding all forms of diversity and how to engage with each form
  • Attracting diverse populations through effective outreach and engagement
  • Going beyond discussion and achieving action: diversity as the competitive advantage

Within this event, our accomplished panelists will share their unique professional journeys and deep knowledge to lead us in the journey of learning. Our distinguished professionals will be our moderators and hosts as we discuss the strengths of a diverse workplace.


Our panelists include:

Ingrid Watkins, is a passionate and accomplished leader in supplier diversity and business development. Ingrid is currently IW Consulting Group’s Principal and has worked diligently advocating for the inclusion and utilization of diverse suppliers in procurement opportunities for over 20 years.

Veronica Maldonado-Torres, is an internationally recognized Possibility Catalyst, Leadership & Business Accelerator, Diversity Champion, and Dynamic Transformational Speaker and Facilitator. Founder of VMT Consulting, a woman-owned boutique strategy, coaching, consulting, training, and development organization that assists organizations. Recently, she has become the new President and CEO of the Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Adam Moore, VP, Director of Supplier Diversity for Truist Bank, to promote the inclusion of small and diverse business in the supplier mix at the Bank. Adam is often sought as a speaker and moderator on the topic of supplier diversity and he is considered an expert in emerging technologies, Big Data analytics, and information technology sourcing and staffing.


Virtual Panel Moderator :

Roz Lewis, President and CEO of the Greatest Women’s Business Council, a regional partner organization of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, is also the former Chair of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council.

Roz has been certified in several studies, including Purchasing Managers, Professional in Supplier Diversity, Institute for Supply Management, Supplier Diversity and Procurement: Diversity Leadership Academy of Atlanta, Negotiations, Supply Management Strategies, and Analytical Purchasing. Roz has been invited to, and participated in, debates around small business programs and the Affordable Care Act at the White House.

Virtual Panel Host :

Sanquinetta Maria Dover, believes that an all-encompassing job placement plan, one that includes excellent citizenship, self-esteem, and a range of other important attributes, is key to professional success. Since 1996, she has served as President and Chief Executive Officer of DoverStaffing and DoverSolutions. She was also the founder of the Dover Training Institute.

Her experience enables her to deliver lectures on entrepreneurship, fundamental business skills training, creative project management techniques, and workforce solutions for the global economy.

Each of these experts will contribute their knowledge, skills, and expertise to expand your knowledge and practice in creating a truly diverse workplace.

Undoubtedly, being a part of this enriching panel discussion will leave you with informed learning. You can achieve action when you allow diversity to be a part of your competitive advantage.

Come join us!


Join us for an in-depth discussion where we explore the real priorities, opportunities and challenges that diversity brings to the employment environment, including:

  • Understanding all forms of diversity and how to engage with each
  • Attracting diverse populations through effective outreach and engagement
  • Going beyond discussion and achieving action: diversity as competitive advantage


Meet a panel of leading experts including Ingrid Watkins, CEO & Chief Diversity Strategist at IW Consulting Group, Veronica Maldonado Torres, Founder & CEO of VMT Consulting, and moderated by Roz Lewis, President & CEO at the Greater Women’s Business Council.