Join Us for Diversity is Not Just a Discussion

Join us, June 17, 2021, at 12:00 pm EST, for a comprehensive discussion exploring the true priorities, opportunities, and challenges that diversity creates for the workplace. We will be discussing:

  • Creating a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Understanding all forms of diversity and how to engage with each form
  • Attracting diverse populations through effective outreach and engagement
  • Going beyond discussion and achieving action: diversity as the competitive advantage

Within this event, our accomplished panelists will share their unique professional journeys and deep knowledge to lead us in the journey of learning. Our distinguished professionals will be our moderators and hosts as we discuss the strengths of a diverse workplace.


Our panelists include:

Ingrid Watkins, is a passionate and accomplished leader in supplier diversity and business development. Ingrid is currently IW Consulting Group’s Principal and has worked diligently advocating for the inclusion and utilization of diverse suppliers in procurement opportunities for over 20 years.

Veronica Maldonado-Torres, is an internationally recognized Possibility Catalyst, Leadership & Business Accelerator, Diversity Champion, and Dynamic Transformational Speaker and Facilitator. Founder of VMT Consulting, a woman-owned boutique strategy, coaching, consulting, training, and development organization that assists organizations. Recently, she has become the new President and CEO of the Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Adam Moore, VP, Director of Supplier Diversity for Truist Bank, to promote the inclusion of small and diverse business in the supplier mix at the Bank. Adam is often sought as a speaker and moderator on the topic of supplier diversity and he is considered an expert in emerging technologies, Big Data analytics, and information technology sourcing and staffing.


Virtual Panel Moderator :

Roz Lewis, President and CEO of the Greatest Women’s Business Council, a regional partner organization of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, is also the former Chair of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council.

Roz has been certified in several studies, including Purchasing Managers, Professional in Supplier Diversity, Institute for Supply Management, Supplier Diversity and Procurement: Diversity Leadership Academy of Atlanta, Negotiations, Supply Management Strategies, and Analytical Purchasing. Roz has been invited to, and participated in, debates around small business programs and the Affordable Care Act at the White House.

Virtual Panel Host :

Sanquinetta Maria Dover, believes that an all-encompassing job placement plan, one that includes excellent citizenship, self-esteem, and a range of other important attributes, is key to professional success. Since 1996, she has served as President and Chief Executive Officer of DoverStaffing and DoverSolutions. She was also the founder of the Dover Training Institute.

Her experience enables her to deliver lectures on entrepreneurship, fundamental business skills training, creative project management techniques, and workforce solutions for the global economy.

Each of these experts will contribute their knowledge, skills, and expertise to expand your knowledge and practice in creating a truly diverse workplace.

Undoubtedly, being a part of this enriching panel discussion will leave you with informed learning. You can achieve action when you allow diversity to be a part of your competitive advantage.

Come join us!